Efficient Control
of Grain Storage

Reducing loss and optimizing the grain quality
energy and resources

Termoplex System

Innovative system of
Thermometry for silos

Termoplex System

Termoplex has developed an innovative solution for temperature and humidity control in grain silos, focusing on the grain quality optimization, losses reducing, operation efficiency and resources saving.

Technology - Sensors chips

High-accuracy technology

  • Digital sensors
  • No blind spots
  • Humidity and temperature control
  • Easy setup
  • Remote tech support
Aeration motors automation

Smart fans automation

  • Intelligent algorithms and secure protocols for the fans activation
  • Setups for drying, conservation and customized parameters
Responsive interface

Simple interface and remote access via internet

  • Compatible with any computer and mobile device
  • Customized to your needs


Termoplex system

About us

We are a Brazilian company founded in 2014, specialized in agro-industrial automation and monitoring.

Our team has 35 years of experience in automation and 10 years of experience in software development.

Download our institutional .pdf Our mission is to take cutting-edge technology to the countryside, developing accurate solutions with easy operation.


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